Parking Lot

By survey of the congregation, paving the parking lot was near the top of everybody's list of improvements at Holy Trinity.  After rains, mud and puddles of water made traversing the lot difficult and dirty.   In the winter, it would get slick and dangerous to walk across.  

Planning of the new parking lot started in April 2011 with construction beginning in Fall of 2011.  Final landscaping was completed in March of 2012.   Dedication of the new parking lot will be on May 20, 2012.

South Entrance Structural Repair

The sidewalk on the south entrance was removed and new I-Beams were installed and the building foundation repaired where it had eroded.   New entry slab and sidewalk was poured.  

Water Drainage

Over the years, the basement flooded several times due to faulty drainage of runoff water from the poperty.   At a cost of thousands of dollars to cleanup the water and repair water damage, we contracted engineers and contractors to correct the drainage.  The water now properly flows through the drainage which ends over on the south side drive on the hill where it then flows down the hill into the retention pond at the entrance.