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Church Committees

The business of the church and fulfilling our mission statement takes diverse talents and many hands.  The work of the church is divided amoung the church committees. Committees meet once a month.   The table below lists the committees, the times they meet, and who you may contact for more information.  If you are a member of HTLC, you are encouraged to join one of these committees because many hands lighten the load!

 Committee Meeting Day/Time Contact Purpose
Outreach 1st Mon, 7pm Marilyn Weber  Facilitates community outreach
Property 1st Mon, 6:30pm Rob Morgan Maintains facility and grounds
Finance 1st Wed, 5:30pm Al Davis Maintains financial records
Youth 2nd Mon, 6pm T.J. Longdo Facilitates activities for youth
Risk Management 1st Wed, 7pm Wayne Russell Maintains security & safety protocols
Christian Education 3rd Wed, 5:30pm Sue Lambert Plans education programs
Worship & Music 3rd Thurs, 5:30pm Sue Lambert Plans worship


Mutual Ministry 3rd Mon, 5:30pm Mary Anderson Serves as staff support